Zora Community Guidelines


In our shared digital space, we’re uplifting a future where inspiration and independence flourish. Zora is a community building towards a truly open, collaborative and creative Internet. Here, your imagination takes center stage. Join us in this journey of creation and connection, where each member contributes to a diverse and expansive universe of ideas. Let's unite to make Zora a realm of pure, shared creativity.

To foster a thriving community, we are guided by two critical principles that we strive to balance:

  • First, we believe creators should have the freedom to use our platform to express themselves and their creativity and to test artistic boundaries in the web3 space with as few limitations as possible.

  • Second, we believe creators and our community should be safe from harm, including harassment, discrimination, threats of violence, doxxing, and IP theft or infringement.

We aim to create an inclusive and supportive space that promotes creativity and protects the rights and safety of every member of our community. These guidelines set forth a shared set of standards and expectations for all participants, allowing us to collectively make the widest range of content available while minimizing potential harm or loss.

Community Principles

Repeat after us:

"I Will Use Zora for..."

  • Sharing

    • I will use Zora to share my original creations, insights, and discoveries, contributing positively to the community's collective knowledge and creativity.

  • Creating

    • I will leverage Zora as a platform for creativity, using its tools and services to produce and exhibit innovative and original works.

  • Enjoying

    • I will explore and appreciate the diverse range of content on Zora, respecting the creativity and effort of fellow community members.

  • Inspiration

    • I will draw inspiration from the community, using the ideas and works I find on Zora to fuel my own creative process respectfully and lawfully.

  • Expression

    • I will express my thoughts and ideas freely yet responsibly, always mindful of the diverse audience and community standards on Zora.

"I Won’t Use Zora for..."

  • Spam

    • I understand that spamming, such as repetitive posting or unsolicited advertising, detracts from the community experience, and I agree not to engage in such activities.

  • Copyright or Trademark Infringement

    • I will respect intellectual property rights and will not upload or share content that I do not have the right to share or that infringes on the copyrights or trademarks of others.

  • Fraud

    • I will not use Zora to scam, mislead, impersonate others, or otherwise attempt to steal from or harm community members.

  • Sexually Explicit Material

    • I acknowledge that Zora is not a platform for sexually explicit material and agree not to post or share such content. While some adult themes are not explicitly prohibited, I understand some community members may find certain mature content objectionable, and I will exercise good judgment in determining what mature content to share via Zora

    • I understand that Zora does not under any circumstances allow content that sexually exploits or endangers minors, whether real or fictional. Any such content shall be reported to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

  • Violence & Hate Speech

    • I will not use Zora to spread hate speech, including any content that promotes violence or discrimination against individuals or groups based on race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, disability, or any other identity.

    • I will not use Zora to post content that glorifies violence, including gore, mutilation and torture. Nor will I post content that encourages, incites or glorifies acts of violence towards individuals or groups.

  • Self Harm

    • I will not use Zora to promote, glorify, or otherwise encourage self-harm or suicide.

Actions we take

While Zora cannot delete or remove content created onchain, we employ various mechanisms to enforce our policies and community guidelines on the Zora platform. This includes limiting discoverability of or temporarily or permanently blocking and removing access to mint pages on Zora. Repeated violations may result in blocking an infringer’s account (e.g. wallet address) from the Zora platform completely.

We do our best to ensure a fair outcome for all; however, we reserve the right to enforce or not enforce these guidelines at our sole discretion, mainly to safeguard our services, infrastructure, and community.

If you want to report a collection, please follow the instructions outlined here.