How do I update my profile information?


Editing your profile allows you to update your profile picture, display name and bio. To make these changes, you must have verified your email address. This is a great way to add a personal touch to your profile.

To update your profile, navigate to your account settings from the dropdown menu and select the "Profile" tab.

Once you’re happy with the changes you have made, then select “Save”.

Why do some people have .eth at the end of their profile name?

If you come across a user or profile with a username that appears like this: jacob.eth, zupport.eth or imagine.zora.eth, then that person or account has an ENSDomain (Ethereum Name Service).

An ENS Domain is similar to a username and is used to identify wallet addresses in a more human-friendly way, as opposed to the standard string of 42 characters. These work solely on Ethereum Mainnet and also require you to pay to register your chosen domain. Check out their docs here to learn more about ENS Domains and register yourself.