Create NFTs for free on Zora


At Zora, we aim to make it as easy and enjoyable as possible for creators to bring their imagination and creativity onchain. It's now even easier to realize value for your work on Zora with just an Ethereum wallet!

How does it work?

Typically, to create an NFT collection on Zora, a Creator has to pay gas fees to publish it to a supported blockchain network (i.e. bring it onchain).

Now, a Creator who wants to create a collection on Zora Network or Base ("Supported Networks") can make their collection available for mint on Zora without bringing it onchain. Instead, the first buyer of your edition (the “First Minter”) will pay the gas fees to publish your edition onchain!

**Note: Your edition will NOT appear onchain until the first NFT in your edition is minted, at which point it will be published to the selected network and visible onchain.

First Minter Reward

First Minters will receive a portion of the Mint Fee for the NFT (the "First Minter Reward") for finding great editions and bringing them onchain for the world to mint. This is a part of the Protocol Rewards offered on Zora smart contracts. Specifically, First Minters shall receive 0.000111 ETH for each NFT minted from an edition for which they were the First Minter.

The First Minter Reward will ensure more content is discovered, brought onchain, and shared with the world. More content means more options for collectors and more opportunities for revenue and exposure for Creators.

How do I create a collection for free?

Follow our guide below to learn how to create a collection for free on Zora quickly:

Free/Premint collections can only be created on Zora Network and BaseNetwork

  1. Select "Create Collection" and enter your collection details.

    **Collections can only be created for free on Supported Networks

  1. Upload the media for your edition. This file can be a video, gif, audio, HTML, PDF, 3D file, text or try canvas.

  • Want to upload multiple media files at once? Drag and drop more files or select "+ Add more". A couple of things to consider:

    • There is a maximum limit of 25 files in a single upload.

    • All editions uploaded in a single batch will have the same settings and sales configuration.

  • Want to mint a text NFT? Click anywhere in the upload box and type and/or paste your text.

  • Try Canvas! Use our canvas tool to create your own NFTs by adding your own media, remixing featured NFTs, or simply drawing all over the canvas.

  1. Enter the name of your edition(s).

    • If you are uploading a batch of artwork, select the pencil symbol to edit the name and description for each of your editions.

  2. Set your mint price: Enter your desired amount in ETH. The price can be updated once your edition has been created.

    • Your price will also determine the Protocol Rewards you can receive from your collection. You can learn more about how to receive them here.

  3. Open the "Advanced Options" and ensure the checkbox is UNCHECKED to have your collection created at no cost.

  1. Edit the rest of the "Advanced Options" for your collection. REMINDER: All editions uploaded in one batch will have the same settings and mint configuration.

    This includes changing:

    • Mint duration

    • Set your payout address

    • Caption

    • Mint start date

    • Edition Size

    • Mint limit

      **DISCLAIMER: The Mint Limit feature is no longer available for new collections on Zora. This DOES NOT affect existing collections using Mint Limits, and they can still be managed.

  2. Select "Create" to finish creating your collection. This will prompt you to sign a signature request.

**IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are uploading a batch of NFTs on a collection created for free, you MUST sign a signature for EVERY edition you are uploading. That means

8 x Editions = 8 x Signatures you must sign.

**If you choose to mint the first edition of your batch, then you only need to confirm ONE transaction

🎉 Collection created 🎉 Once the request has been confirmed, your collection will be created and ready to share with your community.

You can learn how to manage your offchain collection here.

Need help or have some questions?

If you would like more help, please contact our support team via our help centre or tag us on X (formerly Twitter) and Farcaster.