How do I bridge my ETH to Zora Network?


You can bridge ETH from Ethereum to Zora Network from our Bridge Dashboard.

But wait… what is bridging? Learn more here!

Bridging your ETH on

  1. Navigate to the native bridge at Note that this is the only native bridge, so beware of other sites and third parties claiming to provide bridging services for Zora Network. Learn more about native and third-party bridges here.

  2. Connect your wallet by selecting “Connect” in the upper right corner.​

  3. Select "Deposit" or "Instant Deposit". Enter the amount you want to deposit onto Zora Network. Please carefully review the amount you are depositing.

    • If you would like to bridge from Optimism, Base or Arbitrum to Zora Network, select "Instant Bridge" and select from the drop-down menu.

  1. Select “Bridge” to finish bridging your ETH to the Zora Network. This will prompt you to accept a gas fee.

  2. Confirm the transaction in your wallet. **Depending on the congestion on the Ethereum mainnet, this can take ~1-2 minutes.

  3. Your ETH has been bridged: Once the bridge transaction has been confirmed on L2, your ETH will be available on the Zora Network.​

  4. SUCCESS! Your ETH has been deposited. Enjoy!

Need help or have some questions?

If you would like more help, don't hesitate to contact our support team via our help centre or tag us on X (formerly Twitter) and Farcaster.