Why do withdrawals from Zora Network to Ethereum currently take ~ 7 days?


Currently, the Zora Network withdrawal process takes ~7-days (the “Dispute Period”) to allow sufficient time for network verifiers to detect potential errors or fraud on Zora Network. This Period ensures the validity and security of all withdrawals made from Zora Network to the Ethereum Mainnet.

But what is the Dispute Period?

Zora Network (L2) to Ethereum Mainnet (L1) interactions have a one-week Dispute Period during which messages from L2 to L1 cannot be relayed. This means that any messages, in this case, your withdrawal you send from L2 will only be received on L1 after this one week has elapsed. We call this period of time the Dispute Period because it is the time during which a potentially faulty transaction can be identified.

The Dispute Period is built into the Optimism Stack, which the Zora Network is built on. To learn more about this process and dispute periods, you can find further information here.