What are "Offers"?


On Zora, the offers tab allows you to view and accept any offers you may have received on your own NFTs. To navigate to your offers tab, open the dropdown menu and select Offers.

You will be shown your offers on Ethereum by default, although you can sort by other networks by selecting the dropdown menu. Additionally, you can filter these offers by:

  • Time Remaining

  • Most Recent

  • Highest Price

How does Offers work?

This feature uses a third-party tool called Reservoir to access live secondary sales from across multiple marketplaces and make them accessible on your offers page.

Where are these offers coming from?

Reservoir aggregates offer from a number of select NFT marketplaces and then surface them for you to view and accept. These marketplaces include:

  • Opensea

  • LooksRare

  • Rarible

  • Manifold

  • Coinbase

*Click here for the list of all the marketplaces that Reservoir accesses.

We will attempt to surface all possible offers that Reservoir identifies, but we can’t guarantee that all offers are shown - if unsure, we suggest you do your own research before accepting any offer!