Why can't I mint from a collection?


There are a few possible reasons why you cannot mint from a current collection. They are as below:

  • You have exhausted your mint limit: Some collections are created with a set mint limit per wallet address. If you attempt to mint from a collection while already having reached your limit, you will receive a "mint error" and be unable to mint.

  • You have insufficient funds: To successfully mint from a collection, you will need to have enough ETH to cover both the mint price (if there is one) and the gas fee for the transaction. **Learn more about gas fees here

  • There is a presale on the collection: Some collections are created with a presale that uses an allowlist only to give specific wallet addresses access to the collection. If your wallet is not one of the specified addresses, then you will not have access to mint from the collection.

If none of these applies to you and you are still unable to mint from a collection on ZORA, don't hesitate to get in touch with our customer support.