What is "Collect"?


Did you miss out on minting from a collection?

Using Zora's collect feature, you can purchase NFTs from the secondary market through a creator's mint page. A "Collect" button will show on the collection's mint page if a collection has been minted out on Zora.

  1. Select "Collect", and you will be brought to the purchase page.

  2. Select the "Buy Now" tab.

  3. Choose what network you would like to purchase this NFT on.

    • This can be done via any of our supported networks, although please be mindful there will be an increased cost if you "buy now" using the cross-chain feature.

  4. From here, you can see the total price of your purchase, including the Zora fee, which is 0.000777 ETH + 3% of the listed purchase price per collected NFT.

  5. Once ready, select "Buy Now" and confirm the transaction when your wallet prompts you. Your NFT will be sent to your wallet when the transaction is successful.

Want to make an offer on a collection? Follow our guide here.

How does Collect work?

Our collect feature uses a third-party tool called Reservoir to access live secondary sales across multiple marketplaces and have them accessible on Zora Mint pages.

Where are these secondary listings coming from?

Reservoir aggregates sales from many select NFT marketplaces and attempts to surface the lowest price. These marketplaces include:

  • Opensea

  • LooksRare

  • Rarible

  • Manifold

  • Coinbase

*Click here for the list of all the marketplaces that Reservoir accesses.

We will surface the lowest price identified by Reservoir, but we can't guarantee that that's the lowest price on any platform. We suggest you do your own research before purchasing!

Are there fees when collecting on Zora?

Yes, Zora will charge a fee (the “Collect Fee”) to collectors who use the Collect feature and complete a secondary purchase of an NFT. The Collect Fee will be clearly displayed to collectors before confirmation of the purchase.

The Collect Fee for each purchased NFT is 0.000777 ETH + 3% of the listed purchase price.

*Learn more about fees on Zora here

Need help or have some questions?

If you would like more help, please contact our support team via our help centre or tag us on X (formerly Twitter) and Farcaster.