How to refund Mints bought on Zora


Refunding a Mint can currently only be done using a blockchain explorer like Blockscout. By refunding a Mint, you are burning one Mint to reclaim the ETH initially paid for the Mint.

How do I refund a Mint that I bought?

** REMINDER: Please follow this guide closely and ensure you enter all information correctly, or you will risk losing funds. Zora is not responsible for incorrectly entered information. **

  1. Visit the Mint smart contract on the Zora Block Explorer here.

  2. Click on “Contract

  3. Click on “Write contract"

  4. Select "Connect Wallet"

  5. Open the “redeem” dropdown

  6. In the “tokenId (uint256)” field, enter “1

  7. Enter the number of Mints you want to be refunded in the "quantity (unit256)" field.

  8. Enter your wallet address in the “recipient (address)” field.

  9. Click on “Write” and confirm the transaction in your wallet

When you complete the process, your Mint will be removed from your wallet, and the ETH you originally paid for it will be transferred to your wallet.