Mints on Zora


On Zora, you can now buy Mints with credit or debit cards, making collecting NFTs across all supported networks easier than ever!

What is a Mint?

A Mint is a token that can be redeemed to cover the mint fee for any NFT on Zora: 1) denominated in Ether (ETH); and 2) listed on Zora Network. Learn more about Zora minting fees here. (Fun fact: under the hood, Mints themselves are also NFTs!)

How does it work?

When you pay for a Mint, the funds you paid are automatically converted into ETH, then programmatically stored on the blockchain in a place only you control (a “smart contract”). You can take three actions with your Mint:

  1. Use - Use the Mint to acquire an eligible NFT on Zora.

  2. Refund - Obtain a refund by redeeming (i.e. “burning” your Mint) and reclaiming the ETH stored in the smart contract associated with this Mint

  3. Transfer - You can transfer your Mint to any third party. The right to use or refund the Mint travels with the Mint. This means that if you send a Mint to a friend, your friend will now have the right to refund the Mint for the ETH you originally paid.

Using a Mint

When you acquire an NFT denominated in ETH using a Mint, you exchange the Mint you purchased to cover the minting fee for the NFT. The minting fee is then distributed in accordance with our Protocol Rewards. Currently, Mints can only be used to acquire NFTs that do not have a list price.

**Using Mints is gas-less, meaning you don't have to pay any gas fees**

Once purchased, your Mints will never expire, and one mint will always equal the minting fee for one NFT, even if Zora’s minting fee were to change in the future. You can view your current Mint balance in the top right-hand corner of the navigation bar to keep track of your remaining number of Mints.

How do I purchase Mints on Zora?

  1. Click through the rewards icon in the navigation bar.

  2. Select “Buy” to navigate to the purchase page.

  3. Choose the number of Mints that you would like to purchase.

  4. Select “Buy” and enter your payment details.

    **Reminder: Double-check the number of Mints you have selected before finalizing the purchase.

  5. With your payment details confirmed, select “Pay”.

The purchased Mints will now be added to your balance, and a receipt will be emailed to you. Newly purchased Mints may take 1-2 minutes to be reflected in your Mint balance.

If you encounter any issues purchasing Mints, don't hesitate to get in touch with our customer support team here.


Mints currently cannot be used to acquire NFTs that:

  1. Are on Mainnet Ethereum

  2. Have a list price

  3. Are 721 tokens

For additional requirements regarding Mints, see Section 10 of our Terms of Service.