Collect Any NFTs with ETH


On Zora, creators may request any supported ERC-20 token as payment to mint their NFTs. Regardless of the requested payment method, you can now use Ether (ETH) from any network to complete the transaction! This allows greater flexibility and accessibility for creators and collectors alike. Let's delve into how you can enhance your minting experience with this feature, enabled by Decent, a third-party payment technology provider.

How to pay with ETH and collect ERC-20 Mint:

  1. Visit the mint page of the NFT you would like to collect.

  2. Click “Mint”.

  1. The default payment method is set as the payment token requested by the creator. Click to select your preferred payment method. (Note: Paying with ETH on the same blockchain network as that of the token you are trying to collect will save you from paying additional fees.)

  2. Review the transaction details before proceeding. The expanded transaction details allow you to see the (i) NFT list price, (ii)Mint Fee, and (iii) swap fee collected by the third-party payment technology provider, which together make up the total amount you owe in your preferred payment method. You can review the estimated exchange rate* between your preferred payment method and the creator’s requested payment method by hovering over the number values denominated in the ERC-20 token.

  3. Click “Mint” in the modal and sign to complete the transaction

* By using ETH to purchase an NFT that is priced in another ERC-20 token, you agree to using Decent, an integrated third-party payment technology provider, to exchange your ETH for the creator’s requested payment token. Zora does not have any control over, and is not responsible for, Decent’s exchange services and the exchange rate presented. Always do your own research and confirm the exchange rate before proceeding with the transaction. To learn more about Decent, explore its documentation here.


Are there any fees?

  • Zora collects a Mint Fee on all NFTs minted on our platform. Additionally, in the event you wish to use ETH to pay for an item that is priced in another ERC-20 token by the creator, Decent also exclusively collects a fee for the use of the swapping feature required to complete the transaction. This swap fee consists of the sum of (i) the ETH-equivalent of $0.10 at the time of the swap and (ii) 12.5 bps of the swapped amount (denominated in ETH).

Can I use ETH from any network?

  • You can use ETH from any network we support to pay for any NFT. We support Ethereum Mainnet, Zora Network, Base, Optimism, Arbitrum, and Blast.

Where can I track the details of my transactions?

  • After signing to complete the transaction, a new modal will appear to confirm that the item has been minted. Click on “Explorer” to review the transaction's onchain details.

Need help or have some questions?

If you would like more help, don't hesitate to contact our support team via our help centre or tag us on X (formerly Twitter) and Farcaster.