Owning an NFT on ZORA grants the users wallet the right to accept bids and prove they own that piece of media. Owning a piece of media captures the value as you as a collector has seen value in that piece. Think of it as owning a 1/1 vinyl record by your favorite musician. As the owner of this piece, you are able to either hold on to it or resell it to whomever you wish.

Exploring the concept of Cryptomedia

Cryptomedia is the concept where the innovation of crypto blockchains allows media to be available for use by all members of society (often called “the commons”) while also allowing the value of the media to be traded. Cryptomedia means that media can still be owned by the creator, but the media is free to be shared and used by anyone. Crytomedia captures the paradox that while an artistic work is allowed to be used freely, it is still valuable and people will still pay the original creator for the right to be the owner of the work. It is akin to a painting being owned, but displayed in a public gallery for free. The public enjoys it, but the creator/future owner can still buy and sell the ownership rights of the work. The concept of Crytpomedia is described fully at https://cryptomedia.wtf/.

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