Once your NFT has been minted and you have chosen to list your NFT as a reserve auction, you will be required to add a reserve price before your piece can be listed. When choosing your reserve price it is important to remember that it is the minimum amount you are willing to accept for selling your NFT.

If you decide you want to change your reserve price, you can change it up until your reserve price has been met and your auction has begun. If your reserve price has been met you will not be able to update your NFTs listed price.

Choosing the currency for your reserve price is important as this will be only currency you are able to receive bids in. An example is, if you choose ETH as your currency of choice, collectors will not be able to bid in any currency that isn't ETH.

How to list your NFT in a reserve auction:

  • Connect your wallet to ZORA

  • Select the NFT you want to list

  • Click "List for sale" below the NFT you want to list

  • Click "Reserve Auction"

  • Input your reserve price and set your auction duration (between 1 - 10 days)

  • Click "List"

  • Once you click to "List", your connected wallet will prompt you to confirm the transaction and pay one final gas fee to complete the process. You can check the status of your transaction via Etherscan. A direct link to your transaction will be within your wallet

  • When your transaction has succeeded your NFT has been listed. You can view your NFT at the top of the "All Auctions" tab on the ZORA homepage.

What Next?

Each NFT has its own, direct sharing link. You can use this link to post it to your social media accounts.

Make sure to tag our twitter and instagram so we can see and see your minted NFTs:

Instagram @our.zora

Twitter @ourZORA

Join our Discord and share it with the community there.

What happens once my reserve price is met?

  • Once your reserve price has been met, the 24-hour auction will begin.

  • If a bid gets placed within 15 minutes of the close of the auction, the countdown will reset back to 15 minutes.

  • When the auction has ended, you will need to claim your funds out of the auction house contract to have it transferred into your wallet.

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