ZORA now allows any ERC-721 compliant NFT* to be viewed and listed for sale with no protocol fees.

ZORA allows you to:

  • View any ERC-721 NFT

  • List any ERC-721 NFT for sale

  • ZORA does not take a protocol fee (Ethereum transaction fees will still be required when listing and minting an asset - read more about gas fees here)

* Please note, not all NFTs will be visible from day one. The roll out of non ZORA NFTs will happen gradually over time as contracts are progressively synced and indexed.

How to list your NFT :

  • Connect your wallet to ZORA. (If you don't have an account on ZORA you can view our guides on how to get started - here

  • Click the "+New" button at the upper right of the homepage.

  • Choose "Create Auction"

  • Select the NFT you would like to list

  • Click "Continue"

  • Click "Approve your NFTs"

  • Your wallet will prompt you to confirm a gas fee to approve your NFT to be listed on ZORA.

  • Set Auction Duration - This is the amount of time from when the reserve price has been met until the end of your auction (minimum 1 day ➡️ maximum 10 days)

  • Set the currency and amount you want to set as your reserve price

  • Click "List your NFT"

  • Your wallet will prompt you to confirm a gas fee required to complete the process of listing your NFT in an auction. You can check the status of your transaction via Etherscan. A direct link to your transaction will be within your wallet

  • Success 🎉 Your NFT has been listed and you can view your NFT at the top of the "All Auctions" tab on the ZORA homepage.

What Next?

  • Share your NFT! Next to the "View NFT" button you will find a twitter link which allows you to share it directly.

Make sure to tag our twitter and instagram so we can see and see your minted NFTs:

Instagram @our.zora

Twitter @ourZORA

Join our Discord and share it with the community there.

What happens once my reserve price is met?

  • Once your reserve price has been met, your auction will begin.

  • If a bid gets placed within 15 minutes of the close of the auction, the countdown will reset back to 15 minutes.

  • Once the auction has ended, you will need to claim your funds out of the contract.

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