Underneath every NFT on ZORA Market, there is a panel with all of the information relating to that token.

A breakdown of the details under your NFT.

Contract Address: The contract address shows which contract your NFT was minted on. Every platform has it's own contract address,

Token ID: This is your token ID number. You can use this information to find your token history on platforms such as Etherscan quickly.

Blockchain: The Blockchain information shows you which blockchain your NFT was minted onto. Examples are Ethereum, Polygon etc.

IPFS: This is a direct link to your minted NFTs file. IPFS is a storage database where your media file data is stored.

IPFS Metadata: The IPFS Metadata displays further information on your NFT, such as the title, description and file type.

Etherscan Transaction: The Etherscan transaction link is a direct link to your NFTs data. Etherscan is a great place to track the history and validity of any NFT.

Resale Royalty: The resale royalty percentage chosen by the creator of the token.

Refresh Metadata: Users are able to manually refresh a token's Metadata if updates have been made.

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