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What can I create on ZORA?
What can I create on ZORA?
Learn more about the types of collections you are able to create with ZORA
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Zora gives you the tools to create the collections you want to create in the way you want to create them. You can do this using our Creator Toolkit, which provides an easy-to-use, no-code-required solution to mint, drop and manage NFT collections.

What types of collections can you create? We have three different collection types:

  • Multi-Editions (ERC-1155)

  • Single-Editions (ERC-721)

  • Drops (ERC-721)

What are these collection types?

1. Multi-Editions (ERC-1155)

Multi-Editions allow you to create multiple editions, all within a single collection. The editions within this main collection act similarly to single editions, although they are ERC-1155 and not ERC-721. Check out an example collection here.

**Learn more about the difference between ERC-721 and ERC-155 here

2. Single-Editions (ERC-721)

Single-Editions allow creators to create a collection of identical NFTs. These collections can be created with a fixed or open number of items. Check out an example collection here.

3. Drops (ERC-721)

Drop collections can have unique artworks and metadata for each of the tokens within the collection. Check out an example collection here.

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