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Mint Fees: How to upgrade your contract
Mint Fees: How to upgrade your contract

A guide to upgrading your contract to Zora's new fee structure

Updated over a week ago

As of August 3rd, 2023, Zora has adopted a new fee structure. A breakdown of this new fee structure can be found here.

If you created your collection before the 3rd of August, 2023, you can upgrade your contract to the latest version so that your collection adopts our new fee structure and includes Protocol Rewards.

How do I upgrade my contract?

To do this, you will need to visit your collection’s settings; there are two ways that this can be accessed:

  1. The first is to navigate the "Your Collections" page and select the collection you want to manage. A link to that page can be found here.

  2. The second is to navigate from your collections mint page. To do this, select your wallet address/ENS name in the top right corner, then select "Manage Collection".

You can see your contract's current version once you have accessed your collection’s settings.

  • Select “Upgrade” and confirm the transaction prompt in your wallet.

Once your transaction has been successful, your contract will be upgraded to our new fee structure, including Protocol Rewards.

*Please contact our support team here if you have attempted to upgrade your Multi-Edition collection (erc1155) and cannot do so.

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