How can I create an Airdrop?

How to airdrop from your Single-Edition, Multi-Edition and Drops collections

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To create an Airdrop for your collection, you must first have created a Single-Edition, Multi-Edition or a Drops collection.

To begin creating your airdrop, you'll need to access the "Manage collection" section. There are two way's that you can access your collection's settings:

  1. The first is to navigate to the "Your Collections" page and select the collection you want to manage. A link to that page can be found here.

  2. The second is to navigate from your collections mint page. To do this, select your wallet address/ENS name in the top right corner, then select "Manage Collection".

  3. If you are attempting to airdrop from your ERC-1155 Mulit-Edition Collection, then you will need to ensure that you are on your tokens manage page and not the settings for your overall collection.

  4. Follow through to the top tab that says “Airdrop"

  5. From here, add the ENS names and/or wallet addresses of the users you would like to add to your Airdrop list.

Review and Send your Airdrop

  • Once you have added all the addresses you would like in your Airdrop, click “Airdrop # NFTs”.

  • Approve the Gas fee: A message will appear within your connected wallet for you to approve the gas fee to complete the Airdrop of your edition. Gas fees are the cost of interacting with the Ethereum blockchain. Gas fees are not set or collected by ZORA.

  • Wait for your transaction to complete: Once you’ve approved the transaction within your wallet, the Airdrop process has begun. You can check the status of your upload by clicking the "View on Etherscan" link in your connected wallet

  • After your transaction and your airdrop has been successful, you will see a green “sent” message

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