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How do I use Zora Testnet?
How do I use Zora Testnet?

Utilise our Goerli testnet to to test your collection before deploying to mainnet

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Creating a collection? Personalizing your mint-page or profile? Use the Zora Testnet to test and experiment with your ideas while also exploring all the different features that Zora offers before taking your creations onchain.

The Zora Testnet uses Goerli ETH and mirrors Zora tools exactly. Our testnet can be accessed on multiple networks, including:

  • Mainnet Goerli Network

  • Zora Network Goerli

  • Optimism Goerli Network

It is also important to note that because this is a testnet, the currency is worthless.

How do I access the Testnet?

You are a couple of ways that you can access the Zora Testnet:

  • First, you can access it directly from testnet.zora.cov

  • Secondly, you are able to visit the testnet from your dropdown menu.

How do I get ETH on any of the Testnets?

To get Goerli ETH, you can access the following faucets:

These faucets will only be accessible once every 24 hours and require you to verify with your Twitter account.

**To use this Goerli ETH on Optimism or Zora Network, you will still need to bridge those funds.

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