Zora Editions can only be minted via the Creator Toolkit.

Please note all editions will be minted as erc-721 nfts, not erc-1155’s.

To get started, you will need to connect your wallet in the top-right corner.

  • You can access the purchase page for an edition from external sources such as Twitter or an Artists/Creators website, or you can explore our drops and editions on our create homepage.

  • Once you’ve navigated to the purchase page of an edition, you can see information on that collection, including collectors, a link to the creator's account and the contract data.

  • Once you’ve found an edition you’d like to mint, click the “mint” button underneath the NFT.

  • Once the “mint” button has been clicked, you will receive a notification from within your connected wallet requesting to confirm your purchase. The final amount + the gas fee will appear within your connect wallet to be paid to complete the process of minting your NFT.

  • The final step is for your NFT to finish uploading after the gas fee has succeeded. You can check your transaction's status by clicking the "View on Etherscan" link in your connected wallet.

  • The “mint” button will turn green and say “minted” once uploading is finished- you will now be able to view your newly minted edition in your wallet.

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