What is an Allowlist?

An allowlist, also known as a whitelist, is a list of selected wallet addresses that give certain community members early access to mint from your collection.

How do I create an Allowlist?

To begin setting up your allowlist, you will need to have a live collection. If you do not yet have a collection, you can use our create tool here to create one.

To begin, navigate to the main page for your Edition

  • Click “Manage collection”

  • Follow through to the top tab that says “Allowlist”. This will be where you're able to begin creating your allowlist.

  • Click the “Add items” button to begin adding your selected wallet addresses

  • Adding your selected addresses can be done in two separate ways.

The first is through “Manual entry”, which will require you to manually add the wallet addresses and/or ens names into the text-entry box.

  • Along with your selected addresses, you are will be prompted to select a price for the members added to the allowlist. This does not need to be the same price you use for the public mint.

  • The next step is to set a limit on how many NFTs each address will be allowed to mint.

The second option to create your allowlist is to upload a file using the “CSV Upload” option. This .csv file should specify the wallet address and/or ens name, their set mint price and their mint limit.

  • Once your .csv file has successfully loaded, you can choose to either add these items to your existing list or delete and replace all the existing items on the list.

  • Review your uploaded list before adding the items to your allowlist.

To save this information onchain, click the “Save onchain” button at the bottom of the page.

  • To save your allowlist onchain, this will require a gas fee. Your wallet will prompt you to accept this gas fee, and once completed, your allowlist will be set.

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