ZORA allows any ERC-721 compliant NFT* to be viewed and listed for sale with no protocol fees.

ZORA allows you to:

  • View any ERC-721 NFT

  • List any ERC-721 NFT for sale

  • ZORA does not take a protocol fee (Ethereum transaction fees will still be required when listing and minting an asset - read more about gas fees here)

* Please note that not all NFTs will be visible from day one. The rollout of non-ZORA NFTs will happen gradually over time as contracts are progressively synced and indexed. *

Methods of Listing on Zora.

There are two different listing options for your NFT:

As the token owner, you can choose how you want to list your NFT. The listing options are either a reserve auction (which lasts for the auction duration set by the lister once the reserve price has been met), OR you can choose to list with a fixed price, which will bypass the auction process as a whole and transfer ownership instantly.

Reserve Auction

Reserve auctions can be a great way to create extra hype around the selling of your token. When adding a timed countdown to the sale of your NFT, it can encourage collectors to get in quick. As the creator, you will be asked to set a reserve price for your NFT. The reserve price is the minimum amount you want to earn on that piece. Once a bid that matches your reserve price has been placed, the auction duration you set (between 1-10 days) will be triggered - starting your live auction.

Each subsequent bid offered after your reserve price will automatically be required to be 5% higher than the current bid placed. Collectors will not be able to offer anything lower.

If a bid is placed within the last 15 minutes of an auction, the countdown will reset back 15 minutes. This 15-minute reset window can continue as often as necessary until the timer has finished. This extra time gives all bidders an extra chance to win the auction.

Step by Step guide on how to list your NFT in a reserve auction

Fixed Price

"Buy Now" listings allow an NFT to be sold at a fixed price. You will be required to select a currency and a listing price for your listing. Keep in mind that once an NFT has been sold, the ownership of the token will be transferred to the new owner instantly.

Step-by-step guide on how to list your NFT with a fixed price

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