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How do I prepare my video for upload?
How do I prepare my video for upload?

Guide to encoding your video before upload

Updated over a week ago

It is essential to encode your video appropriately to give your audience a good viewing experience. Not doing so can result in videos failing to load, buffering for a long time or crashing the website altogether.

Below is a range of applications and services we recommend for you to use when preparing your video for upload.


Use a free online tool to re-encode your video. Use the default settings.

Cloud Convert (Does not require sign-up)

Adobe Express (Requires sign-up)


You can use a desktop application for encoding your video.

Handbrake (Free)

Recommended settings:

File container: MP4
Video codec: H.264
moov atom at the front of the file (Fast Start)
Width and height resolution limit: 4096px (Recommended 1920px for optimal uploading and playback experience)
Recommended max file size: 2GB
Video bitrate: 8-10 Mbps

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