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Can I connect a multi-sig wallet?
Can I connect a multi-sig wallet?
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The creator toolkit offers a simple and easy way for shared projects to create and manage their collection. Creating an edition that may have a shared group of owners or administrators, it can be beneficial for that group to use a multi-signature wallet to manage their collection. Creating a multi-sig wallet allows you to

  • Spread decision-making across the group

  • Not allow one wallet address to control all aspects of the collection.

  • Reduce the risk of a member misusing funds or permissions

A service we recommend for setting up a multi-sig wallet is to use

If you do not have a gnosis-safe wallet currently set up, you can access their help centre here to follow through with their process.

It is essential to make sure that you have set up your wallet with funds to approve and complete any necessary transactions.

  • To connect your wallet, click “connect wallet” and select “WalletConnect

  • Select “OPEN” next to the title “Need the WalletConnect modal?”

  • Copy the connection link by clicking “Copy to clipboard

  • From the homepage of your gnosis-safe, under the “Connect & Transact” section, select “Use Wallet Connect

  • Paste the connection link that you previously copied from create.zora into the text entry box

  • Approve the connection to Zora. All delegates in your multi-sig wallet will need to approve this transaction. The transaction will be added to your ‘Transaction Queue’ while it is awaiting approval from all wallets.

  • Once you see this on the safe page, return to the home page and your multi-sig wallet will now be connected.

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