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ZORA101: How to create a Drop (ERC-721)
ZORA101: How to create a Drop (ERC-721)
A step-by-step guide on how to create a drop on ZORA
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The Creator Toolkit provides an easy-to-use, no-code-required solution to mint, drop and manage NFT collections. A Drop is a collection that can have unique artworks and metadata for each of the tokens in the collection. Images, Audio and Video file types are supported by our Drops tool.

Want to test out your collection? We recommend using our testnet before deploying your collection to mainnet. Testing on the testnet provides a risk-free environment where you can ensure that your collection functions correctly and identify any potential issues before they occur on the mainnet, saving you time and ETH.

Creating you Drop

  1. Connect your wallet to

  2. Click the “Create” Button in the top right corner: This will display the contract types available to begin creating your collection.

  3. Select “Drops” as your contract type

Uploading your Artwork

There are two ways that you can upload your drop to Zora:

  1. The first is through “Upload from computer”, which will prompt you to upload an artwork folder containing all your artwork and metadata.

  2. The second is to “Import self-hosted metadata” upload using your own IPFS links.

Upload from Computer

To upload your artwork and metadata directly onto Zora, ensure that you have selected the “Upload from computer” tab and follow the instructions below:

Under the title “Artwork Folder”, click “Upload” and select your desired artwork folder. For best practice, download our example folder OR follow our in-depth guide here:

It is crucial to make sure that your folder is formatted correctly and has the following components:

  1. A ‘media' folder containing all of all your artwork files

  2. All artwork files are in the correct number order. e.g. 1.jpg, 2.jpg, 3.jpg, etc.

  3. All files are in a supported format.

    1. Image: JPG, PNG, GIF, SVG

    2. Onchain image: SVG

    3. Video: MP4 (H.264 encoding is recommended)

    4. Audio: MP3

  4. Optional - ONE .csv file containing your collection’s metadata. An in-depth guide to formatting your .csv can be found here.

    1. If you exclude the .csv file, the NFTs will get standard names and descriptions from your collection details.

  5. Optional - A ‘thumbnails’ folder containing the thumbnail(s) you wish to display on your non-image media (audio/video)

Once your artwork folder has been successfully uploaded, select “Upload” at the bottom of the page.

Import Self-Hosted Metadata

To create your drop using a manual upload, ensure you have selected the “Import self-hosted metadata” tab. To manually upload your drop successfully, you will need to input the following components:

  1. Metadata URI Base” - A URL base that returns unique token metadata when appended with a token id (1, 2, 3, etc.). The URL base should end with a trailing slash and work without extensions.

  2. Contract Metadata URI” - This URL will return contract-level metadata for this collection.

  3. maxSupply” - Input the maximum supply for your collection.

Once you have input your information above, select “Create” to continue creating your drop.

Previewing your Drop

Now that your artwork has been uploaded, you will be taken to the “Preview artwork” page, where you can check to ensure that your artwork and metadata have all been uploaded correctly.

At this stage, you can also randomize the order of your drop by selecting "Randomize tokens". Once you have checked that the metadata of your collection is correct, select "Continue" to begin inputting the details of your collection.

Collection Details

Enter the details of your collection as listed below

*Required Fields

  1. Add the collection name for your drop.*

  2. Upload your drop cover image. This field is used as a logo image on most marketplaces. 1080x1080px recommended.

  3. Enter the symbol for your drop. The symbol acts as a token name for your drop and cannot be changed once your contract has been created.*

  4. Add a description: This can be any information you want to explain or add to your drop, including external links.*

  5. Set the price: Enter the amount (ETH) for each item. The price can be updated once your drop has been created.*

  6. Optional - Set a start & end time: By default, drops will run forever from the moment they are created or until the drop sells out. You can select a custom start and/or end time for your drop.

  7. Add a mint limit to your collection. Using this function, you can limit the number of NFTs that each individual wallet address is allowed to mint.

  8. Add the Royalty percentage: The royalty is a feature the creator sets in the creation process. This feature is a permanent, fixed percent value sent to you on every sale.*

Now that you have filled out the details of your collection, select "Upload" to finalize your drop.

Finalize your Drop

Click the "Create" button to finish creating your drop. This will prompt you to accept a gas fee and follow the steps below:

  1. Approve the Gas fee: A message will appear within your connected wallet for you to approve the gas fee to complete the creation of your drop. Gas fees are the cost of interacting with the Ethereum blockchain. Gas fees are not set or collected by ZORA.

  2. Wait for your transaction to complete: Once you’ve approved the transaction within your wallet, the upload process has begun. You can check the status of your upload by clicking the "View on Etherscan" link in your connected wallet.

  3. Drop Created: Once the transaction has been confirmed, your collection will be created and ready to share with your community.

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