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How to set up the .csv file in your Drops collection
How to set up the .csv file in your Drops collection
This is a guide to creating and formatting the .csv file for your drop
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The .csv file in your ‘Artwork Folder’ can be formatted as shown below:

In-depth Outline

Follow the details below to further understand how to format your .csv file correctly. The .csv file is where all your NFTs metadata will be stored, allowing you to add a further layer of uniqueness to each NFT. A quick note before you begin:

  • You are not required to add OR fill your .csv file with any data; however, this will display your NFTs information as your collections default metadata.

To begin, your .csv file should have the following two components:

  1. Name” should be the name you want to display with your NFT.

  2. The “Description” is where you can add any extra information that you would like to accompany your NFTs.

Additionally, you can also add the following components to your .csv file.

  1. Attributes” will allow you to add metadata and properties to your individual NFTs. There is no limit to the number of attributes your NFT can have

  2. A “Media” column allows you to manually link files to metadata using filenames, i.e. “image-001.png”, or you can use https or ipfs URLs here instead.

  3. A “Thumbnail” column can be created to attach images to non-image media. These images would come from your thumbnail folder.

The components of your .csv document must be formatted correctly to ensure that your collection displays correctly. Below is a simple example of how your .csv file can look when adding your name, description, attributes, media and thumbnail.

There are a few essential rules that you MUST follow when creating your file:

  1. The first row of the .csv MUST be used as a header for the titles of each column. When the file is read to display your collection information, it is read from row 2 onwards.

  2. The title of each attribute column MUST be in the following format attributes[Attribute Name]. For example you could have ‘attributes[Background Colour]’ or ‘attributes[Facial Expression]’

  3. There can only be ONE .csv file in your artwork folder.

Your .csv file is now good to go! Place the .csv file into your artwork folder and continue with the creation of your Drops collection.

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