Minting on ZORA
A guide on how to mint from Zora
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There are multiple ways that you can mint on ZORA.

  1. The first is to explore our For You and Trending feeds, where you can mint quickly and directly from collections. From here you can quick select the number of NFTs you would like to mint or enter a custom amount.

  2. You can also navigate through to a collections mint page either by clicking through our feeds or via a direct link that could be found on a creator's website, from a Twitter post or sent to you directly.

  3. Does the mint page say "Burn-to-Redeem"? Follow our guide for minting from a burn-to-redeem edition here.

Minting on a Zora Mint Page

Once you have navigated to the mint page of a collection, you need to ensure that your wallet is connected.

From here, you can click β€œmint”

You can now decide how many NFTs you want to mint by selecting the + and - buttons. The number of NFTs you can mint may also be affected by a mint limit set by the creator.

  • For each NFT you mint, you will pay a fee of 0.000777ETH. This is per NFT and not per transaction. You learn more about our mint fees here.

Once you are ready, select β€œmint” and confirm the transaction when prompted by your wallet. When the transaction is successful, you will be shown the following screen:

You have now minted your NFTs, and they will show in your wallet shortly πŸŽ‰

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