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How do I use a split contract with my collection?
How do I use a split contract with my collection?
Updated over a week ago

When creating your collection, you are able to use a split contract as your payout address. Split contracts are a great way to ensure that all parties are paid correctly from the treasury of your collection. We recommend using 0xSplits which can be found here at

  1. Navigate to 0xSplits and begin creating your split contract

  2. List the addresses you want to have as a part of the split contract. This can be done using the input boxes or with a CSV upload if you have a large number of addresses/ENS names.

  3. Input your percentage splits between the addresses, ensuring they all equal up to 100%.

  4. Copy the contract address to your clipboard before finalising your information and selecting “Create Split”. This will prompt transaction approval and finalise the creation of your split contract.

  5. If you are currently creating a Drop or Edition, then you are able to update the address during this process by pasting the split contract underneath the payout address section. If you want to update the payout address on an existing collection, navigate your collection settings (manage collection > settings > payout address) and update the payout address with your split contract address.

Your collection will now be paid out via your split contract when you withdraw.

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