Your Collections Details Explained
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You can access the ‘Info’ tab on every mint page to view collection details.

A breakdown of the details of your collection.

  • View the status of the collection's 'Presale' and your 'Public Sale' (active or inactive). This section will also display the start time of each sale, if applicable.

  • The size of the collection's 'Allowlist' will be displayed here, along with your eligibility on the allowlist shown beneath.

  • View the defined 'Resale Royalty' for the collection.

  • Contract Address: Shows the collections contract address with additional links to the contract on Etherscan, Opensea and Rarible.

  • Contract Symbol: The contract/token symbol associated with the collection.

  • Token Standard: This shows the token standard for the contract, which is ERC-721 (all Zora contracts are ERC-721)

  • Factory Contract: From here, you can see where this collection was created. In this case, the collection was created using the 'Zora Drops' contract.

  • Number of Items Minted: View the number of items that have been minted from your collection.

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