Using ZORA's ERC-1155 Edition tool, create multiple editions in a single collection and release them over time or all at once. You have complete control over how you organize and roll out your project. There are three components to an edition collection: the collection as a whole, the editions, and the individual tokens within those editions.

Want to test out your collection? We recommend using our testnet before deploying your collection to mainnet. Testing on the testnet provides a risk-free environment where you can ensure that your collection functions correctly and identify any potential issues before they occur on the mainnet, saving you time and ETH.

Creating your Multi-Edition Collection (ERC-1155)

  1. Connect your wallet to

  2. Click the “Create” Button in the top right corner: This will display the contract types available to begin creating your collection.

  3. Select “Multi-Edition” as your contract type

1. Upload your Media

  1. Upload the media for your Edition. This file can be a video, gif, audio, or image file type.

    1. There is a max file size of 1GB. *The larger the file size, the longer it can take for your file to upload

2. Enter your Editions Basic Details

  1. Enter the name and description of your token. *Remember this will only show on this individual edition

3. Add your Edition to a Collection

There are two options for adding your Edition to a collection.

  1. The first is to add your edition to one of your existing edition collections. To do this, enter the contract address for your collection into the space provided.

  2. If you have not yet created a Edition collection OR would like to create a new one:

    1. Enter the title for your new Edition Collection

    2. Add your collection thumbnail; this can be an image or a gif

    3. Add a description for your collection *This will only show on the collection view and is separate from your individual editions description

4. Set your Editions Sale Configuration

  1. Set the price: Enter the amount (ETH) for each item. The price can be updated once your collection has been created.*

  2. Choose your edition size: Your edition can either have an OPEN or a FIXED size.

  3. Set the start time of your mint: If you do not set a starting date for your mint, then your public mint will begin as soon as you deploy your contract. *If you change your mind, you can change this later

  4. Set the duration of your mint: You can quickly select 1-Day or 3-Days for your mint period. Alternatively, you can select a custom mint period that will begin from your Mint Start date and run until the date you decide.

  5. Add a mint limit per wallet address: Using this function, you can limit the number of tokens each wallet address is allowed to mint.

  6. Enable Auto Supply: Enabling auto supply will allow you to specify how often you want to be sent a token from your collection as the minting progresses. Learn more about our supply royalties here.

5. Finalise your Collection

Click the "Create" button to finalise creating your edition. This will prompt you to accept a gas fee and follow the steps below:

  1. Approve the Gas fee: A message will appear within your connected wallet for you to approve the gas fee to complete the creation of your drop. Gas fees are the cost of interacting with the Ethereum blockchain. Gas fees are not set or collected by ZORA.

  2. Wait for your transaction to complete: Once you’ve approved the transaction within your wallet, the upload process has begun. You can check the status of your upload by clicking the "View on Etherscan" link in your connected wallet.

  3. Edition Created: Once the transaction has been confirmed, your collection will be created and ready to share with your community.

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