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Why can't I see my minted NFT(s)?
Why can't I see my minted NFT(s)?
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Why can't I see an NFT I minted?

If you have recently minted an NFT from a collection and have yet to receive it, it can sometimes take up to ~10-15 minutes for the token to appear on your profile. If your wallet transaction was successful, your NFT will likely appear in your wallet and on your ZORA profile shortly.

If you want to ensure your NFT was minted successfully, you can check your address on your relevant explorer.

Using these explorers, you can view your minting transaction OR select the "Token Holdings" tab and view your NFT under the "NFT Tokens" heading.

Where can I view my minted NFTs?

You are able to view your minted NFTs on your ZORA profile.

"I still can't see the NFT that I have minted"

If your NFT still does not appear on your ZORA Profile, don't hesitate to get in touch with Zora Support either here at our help centre or join our DISCORD.

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