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Mint Fees: What does upgrading my contract do?
Mint Fees: What does upgrading my contract do?

Discover more details about upgrading to our latest contract version.

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Reminder: Upgrading your contract is optional, and you are NOT required to upgrade it.

If you created your collection before the 3rd of August, 2023, you can upgrade your contract to the latest version to adopt our new fee structure and include Protocol Rewards.

What changes for my collection?

This upgrade only affects the structure of the mint fee and does not affect any other aspect of your collection. For clarity, the total collector mint fee will remain the same at 0.000777 ETH (~$1.40), although the proceeds will now be split to reward ecosystem participants.

A few factors determine how these rewards are split, with the primary factor being whether the collection is a 0 ETH mint or a paid mint.

To learn more, you can check out our breakdown of Protocol Rewards.

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