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How to remove a collection (ERC721) from your profile
How to remove a collection (ERC721) from your profile

Learn how you can burn (remove) an NFT from your profile

Updated over a week ago

Want to remove/burn an NFT from your collection?

Currently, on ZORA, you cannot directly burn or “delete” a collection unless it is a premint collection that has NOT been brought onchain yet (Learn more here). However, following our process below, you can remove ownership from an ERC721 collection so it no longer appears on your profile.

IMPORTANT: This process only applies to ERC721 collections (single editions).

What is Burning?

Burning an NFT is transferring the token to an address that no one can access - typically, this is to be done by transferring an NFT to the ETH burn address. Note that burning an NFT is irreversible! Once you burn a token, there is no way to recover it, so that token will no longer be accessible to you.

Why remove/burn a collection?

Sometimes, when you accidentally create an artwork in the wrong collection or don´t want it showing up anymore, you can do this to remove it from your profile.

How to remove/burn a collection from your profile on ZORA

The process is simple but MUST be done carefully in the order outlined below. If you don't follow this other and do the opposite process, you'll lose access to the piece, yet it will still appear in your profile.

If you'd like to change the name, artwork, or description of your NFT, please check how to do it here.

Removing your Collection:

  1. Go to your Dashboard by clicking on your profile picture in the top left and selecting “Dashboard.”

  2. At the “Manage Collections” section, click on the collection that you would like to burn and then select the NFT. This can only be made with single-edition mints.

  3. Go to settings, then scroll down to the “Transfer Ownership” section.

  4. At the "Transfer Ownership" section, add the following address, then click on “Transfer” and approve the transaction.


  5. After you have transferred, go to “Collaborators,” and click the three dots next to your wallet address, click on “Remove”.

After that, the artwork will no longer display on your profile in about 5-10 minutes, and the burn was successful.

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