How to Backup your Wallet on Zora

Learn how to export and backup your wallet created on Zora.

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Creating a wallet on Zora is designed so that you don’t ever have to handle your wallet’s private key data directly if you don’t want to. However, you always have the option to export your private key at any time. That way, if, for any reason, the Zora wallet interface and/or Privy is unavailable, you will still have a way to access your wallet independently.

NOTE: Exporting your private key can pose significant risks. To prevent potential loss of funds, please keep this information confidential during the export process.

Be cautious of phishing campaigns requesting your private key. NEVER share your private key with anyone, including the Zora team. No representative from Zora, including our Customer Support team, will ever ask for your private key under any circumstances.

If someone does ask for your private key, assume this is a scam and do NOT reveal this information.

How do I back up my wallet?

You can export your private key by going through the following steps:

  1. Open up the dropdown menu and select “Settings”.

  2. Scroll to "Wallet address" and click “Export”.

  3. Clicking “Copy Key” will copy it to your clipboard to paste elsewhere.

Here are a few additional security tips if you decide to export your private key:

  • Keep it offline - Store it on an offline hard drive.

  • Write it down on paper - Place it with your other important documents. This way, you know exactly where it is, and people won’t stumble across it.

Have any issues or questions? Please get in touch with our Customer Support team via our chatbot or email us here.

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