Split Contracts on Zora
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What is a Split Contract (Splits)?

Splits are a way of sharing the earnings from an edition between multiple wallet addresses. This feature utilizes 0xSplits smart contracts, which simplifies the payment process for creators who have contributed in some way to an edition (for example, a photographer splitting payment with a model or a musician splitting payment with a producer), reducing the admin required to ensure that all parties get their fair share.

Who has access to the split?

There are TWO permission levels that will have access to change and update the split address for editions.

  1. The creator of the edition.

  2. Anyone with admin-level permissions on your collection.

If you are a creator or an admin, you will also have the following permissions:

  • Edit and remove other admins and collaborators.

  • Edit and manage editions created by others.

  • Set and modify payout settings, which include adding and removing others from a split.

**REMINDER: Please be mindful of who you add as admins to your collections. We recommend using the Collaborator role for those who want to have a more limited level of access to a collection.**

How do I create a split on Zora?

There are two ways you can create a split on Zora; this can be done during the create flow of a new collection OR by accessing the payout settings on an existing collection.

1. Create a split on a new collection:

While filling out the create form for your collection, you will be given THREE options:

  1. Your address (the address you create the collection with)

  2. A Split address

  3. Other Wallet, which is a single custom payout address.

    **NOTE: This is set per edition and not for the whole collection.

Select Split to share your earnings between multiple addresses.

  1. Paste the addresses you want to receive a share. Make sure to confirm the accuracy of any addresses you are adding.

  2. Enter the percentage split. This MUST equal up to 100%

**This can only be edited/updated by collection admins after your edition has been created.

From here, continue through with creating your collection.

2. Create a split on an existing collection:

If you would like to add a split to your existing collection, it must be both an erc1155 collection AND be onchain (have tokens minted from it).

To access the split feature, navigate to your manage edition page and select the β€œPayouts” tab.

  1. Select Split to share your earnings between multiple addresses.

  2. Paste the other addresses you want to receive a share in the split.

  3. Enter the percentage split. This MUST equal up to 100%

  4. Select Update to save your changes.

Your changes will now be saved to your collection. If you have any issues with this process, don't hesitate to get in touch with our Customer Support team via our Help Centre Chatbot.

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