Usernames on Zora

Discover how to create and customize your username on Zora. This guide covers everything you need to know to get started.

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We've introduced usernames to improve your experience on our platform by allowing for easier identification and adding a personal touch to your interactions on Zora.

How do I change my username?

  1. Navigate to your Settings

  2. Ensure that the Account tab is selected

  3. Edit your username

    • Minimum 3 characters

    • Maximum 38 characters

    • No special characters, spaces or symbols

  4. Select “Save username

If you have any issues setting your username, please contact support here.

How can my profile on Zora be identified?

There are multiple ways that your account can be identified on Zora:

  • Display Name: This is a way to personalize your profile. It is purely aesthetic and can be anything from a pseudonym to your real name or even just the same as your username.

  • Username: This is a unique, personalized identifier you can choose to represent your profile.

    Your username will be discoverable as @yourUsername

  • ENS Domain Name: An ENS Domain acts like a username for wallet addresses on Ethereum Mainnet, making them easier to identify than the usual 42-character strings.

    You can learn more about ENS names at

  • Wallet Address: Your wallet address is a unique identifier starting with “0x” followed by a string of 42 hexadecimal characters.

    For example 0x4eF3bA6935D763eA2b8F3B634A9c2eD3fA4b3D5C

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