How do I create a wallet on Zora?


Get started on Zora easier than ever with a wallet created using only your email address. Wallets created on Zora are self-custodial, ensuring exclusive control without Zora or third-party interference—made easy with Privy. If you want to learn more about how these wallets on Zora work, you can learn more here.

To set up your wallet, you'll need to go through two simple stages:

  1. Create your Wallet on Zora

  2. Complete your Profile

1. Create your Wallet on Zora

  1. Select “Login” to begin creating your Wallet.

  2. Enter the email address you want to connect your wallet with and select "Submit".

    **If you have an existing wallet and would like to connect with that, then select Connect Wallet and follow our separate guide here.

  3. Enter your confirmation code.

    1. This will have been emailed to you. If it has not arrived, you can select “Resend Code”. If the issue persists, don't hesitate to contact our customer support team.

  4. Set your password and select “Continue”.

    1. This password will be used to secure your account, and we will only ask you to enter this when you sign in on a new device. This password can also access or recover your wallet if Zora is unavailable. Do not share this with anyone.

  5. Save your password and select “Continue”.

    1. For your security, we HIGHLY recommend that you save and download your password and store it in a safe place.

    2. This password CANNOT be reset if you lose your device.

  6. Re-enter and confirm your password, and then select “Continue”.

  7. Confirm the final checkbox.

    1. REMINDER: Losing access to your password may result in you losing access to your account

  8. Select “Set Password”.

🎉 Your wallet on Zora has now been created! 🎉 After this, you will be directed to the "Complete your Profile" page, where you can finish the set-up process.

2. Complete your Profile

Finish setting up your profile by adding your details, backing up your wallet (not required, although recommended), and selecting your notification preferences. Continue with our guide below:

  1. Add your profile picture.
    **Please note that the file cannot exceed 2 MB.

  2. Choose your Zora username. This is a unique, personalized identifier you can choose to represent your profile.

    1. Username requirements are:

      1. Minimum 3 characters

      2. Maximum 38 characters

      3. No special characters, spaces or symbols​

  3. Enter your display name. It is purely aesthetic and can be anything from a pseudonym to your real name or even just the same as your username.

  4. Add a bio to your page and tell us a bit about yourself.

    **Max 250 character limit

  5. Export your Privy wallet **(Highly Recommended)

    1. Exporting your Privy wallet allows you to safely store and back up your wallet. To learn more about this process and why it's important, check out our guide here.

  6. Toggle your notification settings.

    **These can be changed and updated anytime in your profile settings.

  7. Select "Finish"

🎉 Your profile and wallet are now complete! 🎉 Zora is ready for you to create, collect and enjoy. To learn how to create a collection on Zora, follow our guide here.

Need help or have some questions?

If you would like more help, don't hesitate to get in touch with our support team via our help centre or tag us on X (formerly Twitter) and Farcaster.