What are the three transactions that occur to withdraw from Zora Network?


To withdraw your ETH from Zora Network, you must complete THREE transactions. One is a Zora Network (L2) transaction, and the other two are Mainnet Ethereum (L1) transactions.

This whole process will take ~7 Days to complete, which allows sufficient time for network verifiers to detect potential errors or fraud on Zora Network. Remember, once you initiate your withdrawal, you CANNOT exit or cancel it.

What are the three transactions?

  1. INITIATE: An L2 transaction that initiates the transaction, priced the same as any other transaction made on Zora Network and takes ~1 hour.

  2. PROVE: Once your transaction is published, you “prove” or confirm your withdrawal action on L1. This maximizes the secure transfer of your funds back to Mainnet and begins the withdrawal process, which takes ~7 days.

  3. CLAIM: An L1 transaction that finalizes the transaction. This transaction can only be submitted after the transaction challenge period (7 days on mainnet) has passed.

The total cost of a withdrawal from Zora Network is the combined cost of these three transactions. The PROVE and CLAIM transaction fees are typically significantly higher than the INITIATE transaction.