Below is a breakdown of the fee structure when using ZORA as of February 21, 2023:

Are there minting fees?

  • Yes, Zora will charge a small flat fee to collectors who mint an NFT that was created using the Creator Toolkit. The fee will be clearly displayed to collectors before the confirmation of the mint.

    The minting fee is 0.000777 ETH per NFT minted.

Are there listing fees?

  • There are NO fees collected by ZORA when listing and selling your NFTs on You are required to have ETH in your connected wallet to cover gas fees for minting, selling or bidding. What are gas fees?

Are there creation fees?

  • No, ZORA does NOT charge any fees for you to create your collection when using our Creator Toolkit. However, you are responsible for the Gas Fees required to create your collection(s) using the Creator Toolkit. What are gas fees?

How have our fees changed?

  • Prior to the 21st of Feb 2023, our fee structure was the following:

    β€œ On collections created using the Creator Toolkit, a 5% royalty from each primary sale will go to zora.eth β€œ

What if I created a collection using the Creator Toolkit prior to February 21, 2023?

  • By default, such collections will be subject to our old fee model. Specifically, while there is no minting fee, Zora will receive a 5% royalty from the primary sale of any NFTs created using the Creator Toolkit. However, you will have the opportunity to upgrade your contracts to our new fee structure. Instructions to upgrade your contract can be found here.

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