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What is Zora Network?
What is Zora Network?
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Zora Network is a layer 2 built on top of Ethereum. But what does that mean?

Layer 2 (L2) refers to a separate network that extends the capabilities of Ethereum while allowing users to leverage its advantages and introduce improvements and enhancements.

Zora Network is built on the open-source OP Stack, maintained by the Optimism Collective. You can learn more about the OP Stack here. Although Zora developed and released the Zora Network software, Zora does not operate the Zora Network itself.

How do L2s work?

Layer 2 networks alleviate the transactional burden on Ethereum by handling transactions offchain. These offchain transactions are then aggregated and posted back to the Layer 1 blockchain in bundles, referred to as proofs. These proofs ensure the security and provability of all transactions conducted on the Zora Network.

While layer one blockchain networks like Ethereum prioritize security, data integrity, and decentralization, L2 solutions specialize in handling transaction execution. This clear division of responsibilities between L1 and L2 fosters a more scalable and optimized ecosystem.

Learn more about Layer 2 networks here!

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