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ZORA101: How to Create a Collection
ZORA101: How to Create a Collection

Follow our guide for creating an ERC-1155 collection on Zora

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Using ZORA's ERC-1155 Collection tool, you can add editions to a single contract and release them over time or all at once. You have complete control over how you organize and roll out your project.

There are three components to a Zora collection: the collection contract as a whole, the editions, and the individual tokens within those editions.

Want to test out your collection?

We recommend using our testnet before deploying any collection to the mainnet. Testing on the testnet provides a risk-free environment where you can ensure that your collection functions correctly and identify any potential issues before they occur on the mainnet, saving you time and ETH.

Creating your Collection (ERC-1155)

At Zora, our mission is to make it as easy and enjoyable as possible for creators to bring their imagination and creativity onchain. It's now even easier to realize value for your work on Zora with just an Ethereum wallet!

  1. Connect your wallet to

  2. Click the + Button in the top right corner to begin creating your collection.

  3. Ensure you have verified your account. You are required to verify your account with an email address to create a collection on Zora. Learn more here.

**Want to create a drop collection (ERC-721)? Follow our guide here.

1. Upload your Media

  1. Upload the media files for your Edition. These files can be a video, gif, audio, HTML, PDF, 3D or image file type.

    1. There is a max file size of 2GB. *The larger the file size, the longer it can take for your file to upload

    2. Want to upload multiple media files at once? Drag and drop more files or select "+ Add more". A couple of things to consider:

      1. There is a maximum limit of 25 files in a single batch.

      2. All tokens uploaded in a single batch will have the same settings and mint configuration.

    3. Are you uploading a .html file? A reminder that you cannot upload a .html file on its own; it must be zipped together with all your relevant assets/files.

      *Learn more about creating and formatting a .html collection here.

    4. Want to mint a text NFT? Click anywhere in the upload box and type and/or paste your text.

2. Enter your Collection Details

  1. Select the Network that you want to deploy your collection onto. You can deploy your contract on the following networks:

    1. Zora Network

    2. Optimism Network

    3. Ethereum Mainnet

    4. Base Network

    5. PGN (Public Goods Network)

      **Ensure your wallet is connected to the network you are deploying onto

  2. Add your token to a collection. There are two options for adding your Edition to a collection.

    1. The first is to add your edition to one of your existing edition collections. To do this, enter the contract address for your collection into the space provided.

    2. If you have not yet created a collection OR would like to create a new one:

      1. Enter the title for your new Edition Collection.

      2. Add a description for your collection. **This will only show on the collection view and is separate from your individual edition's report.

      3. Add your collection thumbnail; this can be an image or a gif.

  3. Enter the name of your edition. *Remember this will only show on this individual edition

  4. Set your mint price: Enter your desired amount in ETH. The price can be updated once your edition has been created.

    1. Your price will also determine the Protocol Rewards you can receive from your collection. Learn more about how to receive them here.

3. Advanced Collection Options

Your collection's advanced settings will automatically be set to create an Open Edition. These settings can be changed to create a collection that best suits your needs.

  1. Set the payout address for your edition. **NOTE: This is set per edition and not for the whole collection.

    1. Your address (the address you create the collection with)

    2. ** A maximum of 111 addresses can be added to one split contract.

    3. Other Wallet, which is a single custom payout address.

  2. Enter a description for your edition. *Remember this will only show on this individual edition

  3. Set a Mint Start time: You can choose between:

    1. "Now" will start your mint period immediately after deploying your edition.

    2. "Future" allows you to select your edition's custom start and/or end time.

  4. Choose Edition Size: You can choose between

    1. “Open” does not have a fixed number of editions, and the supply is unlimited.

    2. "1/1" will create a collection with a size of only ONE.

    3. “Fixed” has a fixed number of tokens that can be minted.

  5. Add a Mint Limit to your collection:

    1. "Unlimited" allows each wallet to mint as many of your NFTs as they want.

    2. "Custom" means you can limit the number of NFTs each wallet can mint.

  6. Set an Auto reserve for your collection: Adding this feature will automatically mint NFTS to your wallet at regular intervals.

    *Learn more about auto reserves here

  7. Enter a percentage amount for your resale royalty.

    *This must be a whole number

  8. Input a Payout Address: This will automatically fill with the connected wallet. This can be updated even after the collection has been created.

  9. Optional: Add attributes to your edition.

**REMINDER: All editions uploaded in one batch will have the same settings and mint configuration.

4. Create your Collection for Free

Want to create your collection for free?

  • Leave the checkbox UNCHECKED to have your collection created for no cost.

  • CHECKING the box will mint the first edition to your wallet; bring your collection onchain and earn you the First Minter Reward.

If you’d like to learn more about creating for free on Zora, check out our article here.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are uploading a batch of NFTs on a collection created for free, you MUST sign a signature for EVERY edition you are uploading. That means

8 x Editions = 8 x Signatures you must sign.

**If you choose to mint the first edition of your batch, then you only need to confirm ONE transaction

5. Finalize your Collection

Click the “Submit” button to finish creating your collection. This will prompt you to either accept a gas fee OR sign a signature request. This will depend on if you are minting your first edition.

  1. If you have CHECKED the “Mint first edition” box, you will be prompted to approve the gas fee and wait for your transaction to complete.

  2. If you have left the “Mint first edition” box UNCHECKED, you will be prompted to sign a signature request.

  3. Collection created 🎉: Once the transaction has been confirmed, your collection will be created and ready to share with your community.

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