How do I Embed a collection?

Earn Mint Referral Rewards directly from your own website

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Embeds are a powerful feature that allows individuals to seamlessly integrate any mint page into their own websites, enhancing visibility and accessibility for potential collectors. By embedding a mint page, you can directly guide visitors to engage with any NFT collections and earn Mint Referral Rewards when a new NFT is minted through your shared link.

How to use the Embed feature:

To embed a mint page into your website, you can follow our simple guide below:

  1. You can start by visiting and go to the mint page of the collection you would like to embed.

  2. After selecting a collection, look for the button near the name of the thing you are trying to embed. This button will open a share pop-up window.

  3. Inside the share pop-up window, you will find the </> button. Click on it to open the embed pop-up window.

  4. Click on the copy button, and now paste the embed code directly onto your website using its appropriate embed feature.

REMINDER: Please be cautious of the collections you embed on your website. Always double-check that the collection is LEGITIMATE and do NOT perpetuate scam collections.

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