How do I connect my wallet?
Connecting your wallet to create an account.
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To connect your account on ZORA, you will need to have a crypto wallet ready to connect; ZORA currently supports wallets such as Metamask, Rainbow, Coinbase Wallet and any WalletConnect-compatible wallet.

Don't have a wallet to connect to? Set up your wallet here.

How to connect your wallet:

Once your wallet is ready to connect, you can do this via the ZORA homepage.

  • Click the "Connect Wallet" button at the upper right of the homepage.

  • Select your wallet type.

  • Follow the instructions within your connected wallet.

  • Your wallet will require you to "Sign" a signature request. This permits your wallet to connect to ZORA and secure your account. This step is similar to a password, as ZORA verifies you are the owner of the wallet you're connecting.

  • Your account has now been connected with ZORA.

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